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Our Vision

To strengthen and build up families throughout Hong Kong regardless of ethnicity, religious and socio-economic backgrounds.

About Us

Family First Hong Kong is passionate about changing the world one family at a time. 

About Us

Our Strategy

​With Family First Hong Kong, families will embark on one of three journeys: 'Family Journey', 'Stewardship Journey', and 'Father's Journey'.

What We Do

Reconcile, Reset, and Rebuild our families."

Dr. George So


Chairman's Message


Hong Kong is an amazing city full of vibrancy. Besides being one of the three largest and most successful financial hubs in the world, Hong Kong is also a rich cultural blend where the east meets the west, and the old meets the new. However, the city’s economic success is no guarantee that it is an ideal place to raise a family. The pressures and strains of urban life undermines the mental well being of individuals, weakening interpersonal relationships and affecting the quality of life in Hong Kong. In recent years, there have been escalating reports of family tragedies due to inability to handle financial crisis, communication breakdown and problematic relationships within the family, leading to not only juvenile issues and youth suicides but also parents committing suicides together with their children.

Through strategic partnerships, Family First Hong Kong works towards the goal of establishing families as stable environments to foster physical, mental, emotional and social well-being of parents and children alike. 


We hope that through FFHK, Hong Kong will be a place with the most outstanding and happy families, breaking the curse of living in a stressful city.


Dr George So 

Chairman, Family First Hong Kong

Father and daughter at computer


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